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 // CutTheRentLDS

// Cut The Rent Leeds was set up by danny partington in december 2020, as a result of the poor treatment students received from the university of leeds, and the extortionate costs they were paying for unused and unsafe accommodation.

// Corey's role in this was to begin the organisation's social media pages, initially a facebook group and an instagram page. these quickly grew, reaching 2,000 followers on instagram and 500 likes on our facebook page.

// The aim of the instagram page was to speak to union representatives, inform strikers and persuade students to join the rent strike in battle against our own university.

// As expected, the university shut down all means of communication with the organisation, proving they had little sympathy for the situation students were in.

// The organisation was picked up by various media outlets including the tab, bbc news, the gryphon and bbc radio. 

 // Aims 

help students in the rent strike

negotiate with the university

grow the social media pages

create visually stimulating content

 // Outcomes 

international students refunded

8,000 flyers distributed

90,000 monthly engagements

received large press coverage