// Laidlaw undergraduate research scholar -– Leeds 

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produced a piece of university-leading research on the implementation of capstone projects into university degrees

a large focus on the un's sustainable development goals, global grand challenges and transnational education

part of a network of global scholars worldwide, working in collaboration with students at universities including ucl, cornell and harvard

attending business leadership and ethical management training in partnership with london business school

 // Laidlaw Foundation 

about it + what i do

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hoping to have the opportunity *covid-19 pending* to fly out to fiji and volunteer with water aid for 6 weeks, helping fijian families secure water for their homes and families

receiving training on bringing higher educational opportunities into primary schools in leeds and boosting the childrens morale

participated in a quintax survey, with a 1-1 meeting on quintax results, allowing me to reflect on my values and decipher what i should build on to become a #nextgenleader

an undergraduate research scholar, producing phd style global changing research. 1 of 26 at leeds and 1 of 260 in the 2021 global cohort. building partnerships for life through leadership training and independent research.