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 // Writer and News Editor at The Tab –– Leeds 

areas of expertise

// As a News Editor for The Tab –– Leeds, I manage alongside two other Co–Editors a team of 30 buzzing individual students, who often join us with no prior journalistic experience.

// I produce News Content –– often in quick turnarounds (announcing Leeds' strikes within 10 minutes of being notified of this via Twitter) and also have experience with Embargo'd content.

// Since September 2020, I've been an avid member of The Tab, joining in Fresher's Week 2020. My first article "Rating Sticky Notes on Leeds Halls Windows" was a major success, and was even picked up by VICE News in an article of their own.

//I have received coverage in BBC News both print and live-television, as well as being interviewed for both Channel 4 and ITV News.

// Multiple of my articles have been crossposted onto The Tab website, which receives around 6 million monthly readers.

// I also manage out social media, with @TheTab_Leeds on Instagram having growth of nearly 2,000 followers in a 9 month period, with over 11,000 accounts reached in our most-engaged post. I create witty content and take photographs to post alongside our feed.

// The Tab is the largest student news organisation in the UK, with social reach of over 8.5 million.

 // Editing and Writing 

 // Social Media 

–– Creating Instagram Content

–– Meta's Creator Studio XP

–– Schedule of News Articles

–– Improving Social Analytics

–– Quick turnarounds (~15mins)

–– Editing writer articles 

–– Following style guide 

–– Covering a range of news 

 // Engagement 

–– News Outlet Contacts 

–– LUU Partnership Founded

–– Increased article views

–– Comments on Request